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FINSEC in the SAFECARE Awareness Event

FINSEC is glad to have participated in the SAFECARE Awareness Event in Leuven, Belgium. This event, held on the 18th of Septmeber, saw the participation of many practitioners from the fields of cyber and physical security from various sectors (healthcare, financial, energy) and was a great opportunity to share ideas and learn about the SAFECARE Project.

Dr. Habtamu Abie represented the FINSEC Consortium and presented the project discussing the driving forces and motivations of FINSEC, such as the rise of security incidents in the financial sector, motivating the need for an integrated security. FINSEC main concepts such as the physical and cyber security integration and the collaborative risk assessment in the financial supply chain were thoroughly described, highlighting the data driven approach through the Reference Architecture and the FINSEC Data Model (read our article for more information:

During the roundtable discussion after the presentations, special emphasis was posed on the anomaly detection service, in particular on how to reduce the false positive rate by applying several adaptive methods in anomaly detection. Integrated security information modelling and the possibility of using a standard throughout the different projects were topics of discussion as well as the issue of tackling the dynamic, fast changing environment of the financial sector.

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