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FINSEC Concept

FINSEC will provide a blueprint solution for the physical and cyber-security of critical infrastructures in the financial sector. The solution will be provided in terms of:

A Reference Architecture (RA) for structuring critical infrastructure protection systems in the financial sector: This architecture will provide the structuring principles of security systems in financial sector towards achieving: (i) Integrated, cost-effective protection of cyber and physical assets and infrastructures and (ii) Faster and cost-effective compliance to security standards and regulation.

A security toolbox comprising a range of components and tools for physical and cyber-security: The components of the toolbox will be integrated in-line with the FINSEC reference architecture, in order to provide a tangible implementation of the blueprint solutions of the project.

A set of pilots in nearly operational conditions, used to validate and evaluate the FINSEC solutions: The pilots will be organized at the (end-user) financial organization of the consortium. They will engage relevant stakeholders (i.e. security officers, IT and cyber-security experts, the security-related C-suite of the organization such as CSO (Chief Security Office) and CIO (Chief Information Officer)) in the deployment and use of the FINSEC technologies (i.e. the toolbox’s technologies) in-line with the FINSEC architecture. Pilots will be organized based on: (i) Simulated attacks against critical infrastructures of the end-user organizations; (ii) Stakeholder’s workshops, where experts and employees of the end-users will engage in identification, assessment, refinement and mitigation of security risks and incidents, notably risks and incidents associated with the critical infrastructures of the end-users.


FINSEC also set a list of scientific, technological innovation, business and regulatory objectives:


Objective 1 – Reference Security Architecture for Critical Infrastructures in the Financial Sector

Objective 2 – Develop, Integrate and Validate Predictive Security Mechanisms In the FINSEC Reference Architecture – Predictive Security As a Service

Objective 3 –  Provide a Reference Implementation of the FINSEC Architecture, Along With a Toolbox of Predictive and Collaborative Security Mechanisms

Objective 4 –  Provide the Means for Cost-Effective Regulatory Compliance


Objective 5 –  Pilot Deployment, Validation and Evaluation in Operative Environments


Objective 6 –  Policy Development Guidelines For Uptake and Long-Term Sustainability


Objective 7 –  Business Modelling for FINSEC Deployment - Market Launch


Objective 8 – Market Platform for Infrastructures Security in the Financial Sector

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