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Wirecard Romania S.A.


Wirecard Romania, formerly Provus Service Provider, is part of the international Wirecard Group, one of the world’s leading software and IT specialists for outsourcing and white label solutions for electronic payment transactions and the issuing of card and account products.

Starting June 22nd 2017, Provus changed its name and became WIRECARD ROMANIA.


Wirecard Romania:

The biggest processing centre in Romania and one of the biggest in Eastern Europe;

One of the biggest personalization centre in Romania;

High Technology Infrastructure;

Visa/MasterCard gateway;

Manages over 1.500 ATM terminals and 22.000 POS terminals;

Processes over 9.5 million transactions/month.



Wirecard Romania’ objective is to promote and facilitate the use of cards by capitalizing their innovation opportunities. The long-term commitment for the Romanian market is supported by a large investment that has been used to purchase the best technology available and achieve the highest level of service.



Wirecard Romania offers its clients integrated personalization services: card acquisition, logistics, stock-management, card personalization, enveloping and secure delivering to the bank, in total compliance with the standards imposed by VISA/MasterCard.  The proposed solutions include every type of card and specific applications for the various industries: prepaid cards, smart card systems, co-branded and proprietary cards. The services related to these projects are complex, starting with the development and implementation of specific applications up to providing and managing the equipment and communications infrastructure.



Wirecard Romania offers the possibility of total cards services outsourcing. The services include all the activities related to card personalization and card processing, ATM and POS network management at merchants, loyalty programs and applications, dispute management, fraud monitoring solutions, emergency assistance services for card-holders – worldwide, call-center and support in implementing the EMV standards according to present tendencies.

The solutions provided are flexible and dynamic, giving the possibility of adding extra services in time, according to customers’ requests, solutions that can be implemented easily, rapidly and without affecting the current activity.



Wirecard Romania conceives complex incentive programs aiming to increase the number of cards issued by the customers as well as the level of card usage. Wirecard Romania permanently updates its infrastructure and all its resources in order to develop and adapt to the market evolution.



The consultancy that Wirecard Romania offers during the partnership with a customer is complete, regardless the solution that the client chooses – partial or full outsourcing: certifications obtaining, financial consultancy, different reports data preparation, costs evaluation for card system implementation etc.



Wirecard Romania’s team, based on stability and performance, is composed of 50 specialists, most of them with over 10 years’ experience in the field. For every project of our clients, there is an appointed Project Manager who coordinates the information as well as the steps of the implementation process. For us, the investment in people represents the main condition to satisfy the needs of our clients and also keep moving forward as a company.

Role in the project:

Wirecard will be involved in the technical requirements definition for the ATM protection. Wirecard will participate with its own expertise for defining also the good practice rules that will be shared with the market.

Wirecard will participate in integrating the components of the ATM project in such a way that will not create interuptions in the ATM networks or create delays for the transactions.

In the testing phase, Wirecard will actively participate and using the figures from our previous projects will compare the results, thus creating a better image of the resulting improvements.

In the pilot phase, Wirecard can facilitate access to ATM equipment to be tested with the new products and security policies.


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