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UTI Grup is a Romanian based company and a top integrator of security systems for critical infrastructures: Government, Airports and Ports, Energy, Oil & Gas, Defence Units, Emergency Services, Chemical Industry.

The success of its integrated solutions resides not only in UTI’s technological excellence, sense of innovation and highly specialized teams, but also on our commitment to trust and responsibility, values that made UTI a strong partner for its clients since 1990.

UTI is continuously developing capabilities and competencies to meet dynamic and competitive economic environment, focusing on areas of innovative technology in order to be able to respond to long-term strategic requirements in the context of a globalized economy. It is one of the most important players on the Romanian security and surveillance market, with more than 1.500 employees and a turnover of over 120 million euro per year.

UTI is highly experienced in sensitive security areas and develops projects based on unique proprietary equipment, software applications and signal processing technologies, which are efficiently integrated with parts provided by the top manufacturers of security equipment. Specialized research and development infrastructure, in-house prototyping and production facilities, as well as the know-how and experienced personnel makes UTI a reliable partner in larger consortia for complex projects.

UTI has more than 10 years of experience in R&D in the areas of video acquisition and post-processing techniques (compression/decompression, transcoding, image adjustments, etc.), massive video data storing (database optimization), dedicated video data communication, algorithms development and implementation (video analytics algorithms & app, license plate recognition, forensics, etc.). UTI GRUP continuously collaborates with national and European universities, R&D institutes and entities, working together on the latest cutting edge technologies in order to provide innovative solutions that address the market challenges. Creating technology to make the world safer has always been the motto that brought UTI Grup up the recognition as an important security solutions developer and integrator.


Engineering for Defense & Security Business Line

Engineering for Defense & Security represents UTI’s core business and delivers integrated security systems for critical infrastructures based on comprehensive risk analysis and threat assessment services, as well as integrated security and fire protection solutions for retail, commercial and industrial sites. Under this business line, UTI runs a 20 years contract, started in 2004, for ensuring the security of the Constanta Sea Port, covering both the systems and the operations aspects and interfacing with the Port Authority, with the Border Police and Transport Police.

Information Technology and Communications Business Line

Information Technology and Communications provides customized integrated systems and services for information security and business solutions. With an excellent track record of successful implementations of complex IT&C projects, UTI is a major regional player on the IT&C market.

Intelligent Transportation and Ticketing Solutions Business Line

Mobility, safety and a clean environment are essential component of an intelligent ITS project. UTI balances all this by providing a complete range of solutions and services for urban and interurban traffic management and intelligent transportation systems.

Cyber Security Business Line

Cyber Security is a business line dedicated to the development of software products for information and computer security, as well as to cyber security services. Cyber security services and development of highly secure and resilient information systems are used both to conduct its daily business and to protect the critical systems of key customers from national defence and homeland security, banking and telecom. UTI Grup operates a private CERT (Computer Emergency Report Team) accredited by Trusted Introducer

Software & Technologies Development Business Line

Software & Technologies Development concentrates UTI Grup’s core software development capabilities, offering custom software development for complex projects, turnkey software solutions and software & hardware products for ticketing, security, document management and command & control. This is the unit within UTI that will perform most of the activities comprised in this project, with limited support from the other business lines.

Installations and General Contracting Business Line

This business line is in charge with the general contracting activities as well as consulting, design engineering and execution of all types of electrical, mechanical and automation installations.

Facility and Property Management Business Line

Technical preventive and corrective maintenance and management services for all building installations are essential for the good operation of a building. UTI provides all this, as well as a full range of administrative and support services that help increase the clients’ efficiency and productivity.

Role in the project:

Through its specialized physical and cyber security development teams, UTI will contribute in developing a Cyber-physical Security Management Appliance for the protection of ATM networks.

FINSEC will make use of a 360 degrees security appliance, which integrates IT, communications and physical security in one location giving complete visibility over the entire ATM network. The Appliance, to be developed in FINSEC will integrate the anomaly detection provided by CogNETive, FUJITSU's CCTV analytics solution, UTI's KSM and KIntellivision. The appliance will make use of the following technologies and systems:

- End-to-end encrypted communications: using PKI technologies based on software developed by CERTSIGN all communication throughout the system will be encrypted in order to mitigate the MITM attacks. All components of the system will use dedicated cryptographic mechanism to provide also authentication on top of confidentiality.

- Actionable Intelligence:  Based on the FUJITSU's CCTV analytics and existing UTI's  physical security hardware and software capabilities, alerts are generated when information generated by analytics is not correlated with the output of the physical security components. Actions must be taken in order to identify if one of the systems is under attack.

- Local cyber surveillance with reaction capabilities: Using an IoT-like local mini-system, able to aggregate input from the physical security equipment in location, which communicates in turn with the central system, brings about the ability of early alerts (local alarm) generated locally or remote triggered by the central system when event correlation reaches certain thresholds. Digital signatures will be used for authentication of the message originator when remote actions are to be performed.

The ambition for the 360 degrees security appliance in FINSEC is to unify physical and logical security and augment this with advanced analytics and correlation to provide early warning and automated reaction and measures.  Due to the power of control the appliance has over the physical security system, all actions and communications must be protected by means of strong cryptography.  Using existing technologies and devices based on public-key cryptography we will fulfill all the requirements for authenticity, confidentiality and integrity needed in such a sensitive system.

UTI will be involved in the technical requirements definition for the ATM protection and in the subsequent testing and evaluation of the technology. UTI will participate also in the dissemination package, by promoting the technology and concepts developed during the project to end-users and professional associations.

Country: Romania


Acronym: UTI

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