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ORT France


ORT France is a member of World ORT which is a non-profit organization specialized in digital education, training and IT services, it is the largest non-governmental education organization in the world with 450 centers in 58 countries, and more than 1.5m students in the world.

The ORT France network of excellence is a world-renowned science and engineering research and education institution, where extraordinary faculty and students seek answers to complex questions, discover new knowledge, lead innovation, and transform our future.

The mission of the ORT is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. We investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science and technology in a singularly collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.

ORT encourages the pursuit of knowledge and the development of new technologies. Central to this approach is combining national research with expertise from abroad to build networks that will yield home grown solutions for France and the region. It is also building a pure and applied research base to help universities and businesses collaborate in translating ideas into commercial realities.

ORT is in charge of introducing innovative education solutions within ORT schools and abroad at the international level.

ORT is well involved in digital transformation framework for the educational ecosystem which is based on the 3 components: technology, contents and pedagogy.

Strong team is in charge of providing the new pedagogies for deep learning approach to achieve a holistic vision of the 21st century pedagogy and players.  

Our European and International network has built expertise through innovation, projects and education in several domains:  brain science, STEM, Cyber security, nanotechnology, digital school,  further education, based on expertise at the pedagogical level: cognitive computing, design thinking, concepts maps based on the Finnish model, reflective thinking with added value through innovative environments and tools based on VR/AR, games and gamification ,technologies adaptive learning and personalization.   

In Partnership with Harvard School of education, we started The Technology, Innovation, and Education Program which is a proven gateway to rewarding leadership careers in creating, implementing, and evaluating educational media and technology.

(The Technology, Innovation, and Education (TIE) master’s program is home to creative leaders in education –- among both faculty and students. Together with outstanding fellow students from around the world, you will learn how to research and design new technologies and media that deliver powerful teaching and promote engaged learning. For a class project, you might prototype an iPad app for tracking student progress, design a digital school library, produce a children’s TV show, or devise a global social network for tweens. Through it all, you will be mentored by TIE faculty who are world-class researchers and top-echelon practitioners, leaders in bringing technology, media, and education together in powerful new ways.

With over 135 years of experience, ORT has vast knowledge and experience in managing international projects, providing creative and advanced educational solutions and dealing with broad spectrum of challenges, such as: improving educational systems, bridging socioeconomic gaps, developing innovative curricula and building the capacity for 21st digital century.

ORT capabilities are unique due to nature of its environment. The in-house R&D center and a network of schools is the perfect combination that allows theory and practice to go hand-in-hand. ORT does not only develop advanced educational solutions but it implements them in practice and examines their efficiency and feasibility, creating a continuous circle of improvement and ongoing adaptation.

  • ORT International fields of expertise:• Development of world-class curricula and tailor-made STEM programs

  • Training teachers and Empowering students

  • On-Site Implementation and Ongoing Support for project partners

  • Consulting Governments on wide range of Educational Solutions

  • Establishment of Excellence Centers

  • Project management

  • Total Quality Satisfaction (TQS)

  • Establishment of Excellence Centers

ORT is member of the French cluster Cap digital; through his center of excellence and innovation by building key links with European Edtechs stakeholders, industries and academia; we are also well involved to manage the French digital action plan for education launched by the French President last year by presenting the best disruptive approach for the keys pillars: innovation, training, digital content, equipment and we’re conducting key learning programs in the domains of digital and in CyberSecurity.

Role in the project:

ORT will provide significant expertise to the work on predictive analytics and stakeholder training and engagement

Country: France


Acronym: ORT

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