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Nexi SpA - ex ICBPI SpA


Nexi SpA is an Italian bank that was specialized as a central institution of Italian People's Bank. (Italian: Banca Popolare). The bank now specializes in payment system such as CartaSi. CBPI was found by Banca Popolare di CremonaIntraLeccoLodiLuino e Varese and Verona in 1939.

In 2015 the bank was acquired by a consortium of Bain CapitalAdvent International and Clessidra SGR, which the investment managers incorporated a SPV "Mercury Bondco plc" to issue notes to raise debt, in order to lend to sister companies: Mercury A Capital Limited, Mercury B Capital Limited and Mercury ABC Capital Limited, the parent companies of Mercury UK Holdco Limited, which in turn the parent company of NEXI – ex NEXI. In February 2017 the former ICPBI acquired the card business of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena for €520 million.

Role in the project:

NEXI is the new business name for ICBPI SpA and keeps the same VAT and legal address. The change in the name is due to marketing reasons, to have a more impressing name and logo on the market. NEXI will participate in the development of the Pilot on Security - with regard to security in cash and securities payments and settlements, which are crucial within the system but also represent point of failure in the payment infrastructure. The pilot developed with NEXI will test the FINSEC Components in order to see to what extent these type of attacks can be prevented, detected, monitored and mitigated and whether a distributed middleware for messaging with geographically disparate replication and the use of source routing will significantly improve the overall resilience of these systems.

Country: Italy


Acronym: NEXI

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