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LiberBank, S.A.


Liberbank is the eighth Spanish listed bank and one of the 128 largest European banking groups, subject to the regulation of the European Central Bank.

Founded in 2011 by the Cajastur Group (which includes the Bank of Castilla-La Mancha), Caja de Extremadura and Caja Cantabria, it is a retail bank specialized in the family, SME and autonomous segments, in which it is a leader and a financial institution Of reference in the markets of Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura.

Liberbank Private and Personal Banking is an exclusive service of Liberbank, oriented to offer equity solutions to customers' financial needs.

Greater financial complexity, as a result of globalization, market developments and changes in tax legislation, require effective management.

A team of professionals, whose knowledge, ability, continuous training and coordination ensure optimal management.

Liberbank provides a direct and personal treatment, dedicating lots of time and effort to understand customers' needs to offer the most appropriate solutions for each case.

There are about 1300 ATMs in all of Spain to allow transfer in a comfortable and fast way. About 3000 employees guarantee the best customer service and personalized attention for about 1.800.000 customers

Role in the project:

Liberbank will test and evaluate FINSEC solution participating in the development of a Pilot on Security- Pilot #4

Country: Spain


Acronym: LIB

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