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Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) (, which operates from Nov 1st 2015 as result of the split of the former Hewlett-Packard (HP) in two different companies, is an industry-leading technology company in the ICT worldwide market. HPE portfolio includes products and services encompassing the key IT trends like hybrid IT, intelligent edge, analytics and data-driven solutions. Founded (as the former HP) in Palo Alto, California, where its headquarters are, HPE is ranked in the top 50 Fortune ranking. HPE (as the former HP) has been operating in Europe since 1959, with the opening of its first manufacturing facility outside Palo Alto, California, at Böblingen, near Stuttgart, Germany. HPE Pointnext is the business unit in charge of providing advisory and transformation services to HPE customers. In Italy, since 1999, the Pointnext team is carrying on applied research, technology transfer and innovative solutions integration in leading edge areas. It can rely upon an excellence level team of researchers, consolidated skills and methodologies, and a physical infrastructure supporting project development and demonstration. HPE Pointnext Italy has a consolidated presence and experience within the EU collaborative research and innovation programs. It has a track of more than 50 projects ongoing or completed. Related main technology focus and competences areas include, among others:

  • Digital cybersecurity

  • Internet of Things

  • Software engineering, with special emphasis on DevOps and Open Source technologies

  • Intelligent infrastructures, cloud computing, big data analytics

  • Energy optimization of software, infrastructures and data centers

  • Network softwarization, NFV, 5G networks

  • Ambient Assistive Living (AAL) systems to support the independence and autonomy of ageing population

Role in the project:

HPE will contribute to the requirement collection, specification, and architectural design of the FINSEC platform (WP2). Moreover, HPE will lead WP5 (Platform and Tools Integration) and provide support to the SIA's Peer-to-Peer Payments Pilot (WP6). Finally, it will contribute to the impact generation activities in WP8.

Country: Italy


Acronym: HPE

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