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Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche


CNR Network Security group of Genova ( deals with network and system security aspects, analysing both threads and mitigation technologies. In particular, the research focuses on different aspects in the security field: analysis of infective tools (e.g. malware, virus), Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, Wireless security, penetration testing, forensics techniques, Denial of Service attacks, Botnets. This kind of research is accomplished to explore the field and identify how such attacks work, in order to provide innovative mitigation methodologies. The group also accomplished network management operations on the CNR Arige network, providing users a wide range of services, such as email, DNS, web hosting, antispam services, wired and wireless Internet connectivity, back up management, network monitor, and firewall and network devices management.

Role in the project:

CNR involvement into the project will be focused on the following activities:

  • Analysis of specific cyber-threats and advanced attacks

  • Design of innovative intrusion detection system based on statistics and machine learning algorithms

  • Dissemination activities

Country: Italy


Acronym: CNR

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