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Clear Communication Associates


CCA offers board-level consultancy to large organisations on anticipating, influencing and monetising significant changes in the external environment, which can transform societies, markets and ecosystems. In parallel, CCA assists such organisations, and also scale-ups, in identifying: market sectors to withdraw from or to pay less attention to; also skill gaps or knowledge gaps which can be filled fast through tactical partnerships, sole-licensing of landmark research or focused R&D (e.g. anticipating new types of societally-undesirable business models or boundary-explorations). By reducing the amount of wasted management attention, CCA can free up time for clients to fully investigate opportunities we identify, to monetise knowledge-intensive products, services, IPR and licenses. CCA associates include venture capitalists, knowledge brokers and experts in security, distributed innovation and system modelling.

Role in the project:

CCA will help to validate the FINSEC reference architecture and illustrate the benefit of the proposed (predicted, collaborative) approach in real-life conditions and towards stakeholders. Also, CCA will advise and assist in the co-ordination and use of a multi-disciplinary development methodology to address legal and social aspects of FINSEC; and anticipate/track relevant changes in the wide external environment that have significant technical/societal/legal implications for security policies and operational practices.

Country: United Kingdom


Acronym: CCA

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