Moulinos is an expert in the network and information security (NIS) area. He is the manager of ENISA's energy security projects. He has worked for more than 10 years as an information systems auditor and for eight years he contacted ENISA as an expert in the area of critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP) with a specialty in the energy sector cyber security. Also, he acts as a key contact point of ENISA with the NIS Directive Cooperation Group.

Keynote Presentation: " Critical Information Infrastructure Protection: The role of ENISA in the new EU policy context"

In recent years the cybersecurity of critical national infrastructure has become a prominent security concern. To respond to these concerns, the European Union adopted the Network and Information Security Directive in 2016. It is the first piece of EU legislation aimed specifically at improving cybersecurity throughout the Union; a very significant step towards securing the European Union's information systems. ENISA, the European cybersecurity agency, not only plays a major role in the implementation of the NIS Directive but also in supporting the Member States and private sector in achieving a higher level of cybersecurity. It has conducted numerous activities and studies on Critical Infrastructure Protection, IoT, industrial control and SCADA systems and smart grids cyber security, in close collaboration with public and private stakeholders.

Kostantinos Moulinos